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To give a good, firm handshake. Often thought about and used before interviews or big meetings. Could determine your chances of receiving your dream job.
Before my interview, I practiced my whipple with my friends.
by Charles Baker September 15, 2010
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(Pronunciation note: the H is voiced)

v. To whip one's penis against another's nipple.
n. The act of whipping one's penis against another's nipple.
"I pulled my penis back and whippled her (pausing for reflection) yeah, it was a good whipple"
by Carus47 July 19, 2008
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A Pennsylvania term for ''Arrogant Degenerate'', the word ''whipple'' is often used to describe a drug addict, sometimes a deadbeat, and other times an arrogant person. The word derives from a name local to parts of Pennsylvania, namely Bradford County, and was used initially in reference to a man named Dylan, who was a known thief and drug addict in the area until fleeing to Florida to escape prosecution. After the departure, the term became synonymous with arrogance.
''Man, that kid is being a serious whipple''

''I do fear that that kid may be well on his way to becoming a whipple''
by K. Lowry January 06, 2018
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a word that describes an individual who has shown themself to be very brainless in one way or another, thus comparing them to the cleansing product for vaginas.
you're such a whipple... i wish i knew your existence was this pathetic when i started hanging out with u.
by Jason Whipple February 18, 2005
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A cool last name, usually of Scottish or English origin.
Don't squeeze the Charmin Mr. Whipple. They call him Mr. Whipple or Whip for short.
by Robin79 July 10, 2008
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