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Attempting to prove an argument by arrogantly providing a testable example only to have that example epically disprove your argument.

Micah Whipple, at your service. Like all employees I've also been in every game manual and credit reel since I've been here.

by AnonymousRealID July 08, 2010
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Being caught in an endless converation with someone that has no point or meaning. Usually one party is extremely cheesy and the other party is trapped unable to break away from the conversation. Once the person is able to leave they are confused. Talknapped.
I'm sorry I am late, but I ran into a guy at the store and he whippled me for over an hour.
by Carl Hansell June 13, 2006
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To have your name and all of your personal information put on several public forums, including 4chan.

Originates from the Blizzard forum mod, Bashiok, posting his full name, Micah Whipple, on the forums.
Hacker: I just got all your information BITCH!!!

You: Shit I just got whipple'd
by Angry SC2GDFer July 07, 2010
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~ The act of claiming insider knowledge and security when openly revealing information to the public. Only to be proven wrong
~Oh damn did he just do a whipple?! I think he did.

~We just got whippled.
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