a combination of the words "when" and "if", when wanting to say a combination of something like "when and/or if..."
"I don't know whif that will ever happen."
"Whif I get my car fixed, we'll go to the mall."
by kimsterr September 8, 2006
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forgot to attend, spaced out and missed it...

Sorry I didn't make it to the meeting. I wish I had a good excuse, but actually I just whiffed on it.
by lnmore borrowed from Deb October 9, 2008
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Rich Monteleone was on tonight, all the opposing batters were whiffing.
by Matthew Pryce July 22, 2006
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To be highly stoned, blazed or baked by any form of copious cannabanoid consumption.
Person 1: I’m a bit whiffed off of that second hand smoke la.

Person 2: Shut the fuck up lad you’re sending me scatty.
by pirategame420 March 5, 2020
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When somebody has smoked a rather large amount of Cannabis and is quite stoned.

Other Words: Stoned, High, Trippin', Blazed
Guy 1 : "Why do you keep laughing? Nothin funny is happening"
Guy2 : "I'm pretty whiffed right now"
by Stu3y August 20, 2010
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The Whiff is a move designed to catch somebody’s attention and tell them where you are coming from, all in one graceful move. The Whiff has two stages that must be executed properly in succession:
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1.) The whiff move: In this stage you are letting the world know who you are. This move must be completely original and it must tell something about yourself. If you love to fish, spin and reel like there is no tomorrow. If you are a straight shooter, give ‘em the quick draw. There are only two rules when making your whiff move: (a) be creative,and (b) never steal someone else’s whiff -- that’s just not cool.
2.) Whiffing: Form two imaginary pistols with your pointer finger and middle finger. Use the two imaginary pistols to thrust and point at your target while making a“whiffing” sound. By directing your Whiff at somebody, you are letting them know “This Whiff is for you!”
These two moves should be completed in a fluid motion one after the other. If done correctly, The Whiff should operate one swift motion. Whiffing is not intended to hurt anybody’s feelings. In fact, being Whiffed should be considered a compliment. Whiffing is good, clean fun. Practice the skill and you will be the life of any party.
The Whiff in action:
1.) Choose your whiffing target. The point of the whiff is to get somebody else’s attention. Whether it is a member of the opposite sex or a friend across the room, the Whiff is appropriate in almost every occasion.
2.) Make eye contact with your whiffing target. The Whiff is not a solo activity, it is a shared experience. Be sure to engage the person on the other end of your Whiff.
3.) Complete the two parts of the Whiff in succession. Be sure to exercise good form and accuracy.
4.) If executed properly, the Whiff target will do one of two things: (1) acknowledge your good Whiffing skills and perhaps return a Whiff oftheir own, (2) introduce themselves so that you can teach them about The Whiff.
The Worldwide Whiff Registry is a comprehensive database of the Whiffs officially recognized by the Worldwide Whiffing Association.
by Larissa Barth May 23, 2008
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when an air bubble travels up the shaft of your penis
Awe dude i totally just whiffed myself.
by klepto614 December 15, 2010
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