Turn up, unless you weren't invited then you swash in
I attended a brew meet, but my mate swashed in...which didn't help because I was trying to chirpse his cousin
by Rucop August 27, 2017
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The only reason why you drag your ass out of bed in the morning, and then bitch about how you're not getting enough education out of the system.
Attendance is a bitch. Education is a bitch. Life is a bitch. You are a bitch.
by kickingwithyou May 13, 2016
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Josh: I heard you're having a party
Lana: yeah. Im having an attendance
Josh: can i come?
Lana: No way, Ive just invited Carly, the 10th person
by deathbybeth August 31, 2010
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One who attends an orgy with little or no say.
Shut the hell up, Bob. You've got no say about what goes in your ass, you stupid attendant!
by Jiffy Peej February 7, 2007
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A job at Disney where you make sure the characters stay alive. They are in charge of maintaining their line by yelling at everyone to have out their autograph books and photopass cards, only for the guest to get to the character and not be prepared at all. They describe what the character is animating and say things like "Yes! You are on their shirt!" And "Wow it is their birthday!" 100 times a day. They move the guests bags, because of course they put them in the wrong spot, then get phones shoved in their faces with out ever hearing the words, "Will you please take a photo for me?" and still take the photo. They also make sure said character gets off on time which leads to them timing the line, closing the line on time, and most importantly, ruining thousands of vacations.
by Vacationruiner June 20, 2017
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(n.) Airline employee in charge of removing insects from passenger snacks.
I called the Fly Attendant after discovering a fly in my bag of nuts.
by Ann_Hedonia May 28, 2008
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any truant officer who works for a school district
the attendance whore called my house because i missed school this week
by Anonymous November 4, 2003
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