When the girl you are making out with just got done giving another guy head.
Jake just got second hand smoke from some sorostitute!

Kentucky Jake almost got second hand smoke from the crazy Philippino biatch.
by UT Tower September 18, 2009
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what smokers emit from the end of there cigarettes/mouth. people will say that second hand smoke or "sidestream smoke" is more dangerous than firsthand, true bullshit at its finest. the smoker is getting both second hand and first hand smoke, and the filter doesnt really make the smoke less bad for you. how can someone walking by be more dangerously exposed than someone who is puffing on the dam thing?! smells pretty bad if you ask me, but you need only walk 10 whole yards away to avoid it.
rob reiner: ahem! (bights out of hamburger) but that cigarette out now! the second hand smoke is... killling me.. (COUGH COUGH).
smoker at bar: calm down dude, were in a fucking bar...
rob reiner: you are a baby killler! you hear me! a baby killer! you eat there brains at night!
smoker at bar and everyone else: fuck off rob reiner.
by rilesworth July 26, 2006
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Walking behind or standing near a smoker in order to breathe their smoke.
Jen, you're supposed to have quit, stop second hand smoking.
by rpetras July 22, 2008
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An innocent bystander who has been killed in a gunfight can be referred to as "Second-hand smoked."
John: Did you hear the gunshots last night?
Jack: Yeah I did. Joe told me the intended victim got away, but some old lady got second-hand smoked.
by phonaputer September 22, 2015
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the wafting smell from one stall to the next that occurs while moving one's bowels in a public restroom.
"Dude, that is nasty!"

"Yeah bro, and that's just the second-hand smoke you're getting. It's 10 times worse at ground zero."
by jeremyf September 25, 2007
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When you try to help your nigga in his beef but you get your ass beat in the process
Damn Tanner got that second hand smoke from tryna help his buddy
by CoonBasket December 14, 2018
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Verb. One tasting the taste of a cock (usually one's own) by kissing somebody who has just smoked a cock.
So I kissed the bitch after she blew me, and I tasted second hand cock smoking.
by Stone Costa December 18, 2008
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