To perform an act of masturbation.
Someone that is being a dick.
1. Why don't you go whackoff for a while.
2. You're being a whackoff.
3. That guys a whackoff.

I'm joining these two words to make one better word.
by Keith Wolff October 29, 2004
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being married to your right hand; something that computer nerds can barely get.
I whacked off the other day on my computer and is was all over me.
by Fuck taht September 23, 2003
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Can mean one of two things:

1) To stroke a penis, either by masturbation or by doing it for someone else
2) To kill someone in Maphia lingo
For definition 1: "I'm whacking off right now.", "Your sister whacked me off last night."

For definition 2: "If I find out Lenny's wearing a wire, you're gonna whack him off.", "I'm going to whack you off if you don't whack off Lenny."
by Eric Switzern November 21, 2011
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