It's the act of using your grnitals to bring pleasure to someone to show them how much you truly love and care for them! Its sex but it's much better because your doing it with someone you love ! You want to show your love for them by bringing them the best pleasure you can while recieving your own but you care much more about them being satisfied then yourself!
Man, I had sex so many times but last night was so Litt cuz I did it with my new wife whom I really love! I wanted so bad to bring her pleasure to show my love for her and so I did! It was totally making love!
by I_am_me_3 June 3, 2017
what my mom and dad are doing right now. i think it's funny because my mom calls my dad daddy, but grandpa is her father! silly silly mom, i hope she realizes they are married!
my mommy and my daddy are still making love, do you wanna come over and play fortnite?

i think the best part of my parents making love is that i get to see my dad when he isn't using the belt.
by schizophrenic billy December 17, 2019
Something women do while guys are screwing them.
#1 girl: What did you & Sean do last night?
#2 girl: Sean & I spent the entire evening making love.
by CorkyF June 27, 2012
As my rock hard penis was pulverizing her cervix, my girlfriend whispered in my ear, “It’s so special making love to you.”
by friendly confines August 17, 2021
what women do whilst men are fucking
Guy 1: I heard you and Lucy were making love last night.

Guy 2: Maybe she was, i was just fucking.
by zbass February 14, 2011
Originally meaning to date or court somebody with serious intent. Eventually its meaning expanded to include the actions that couples would partake in while dating in this manner. If you are making love to somebody, it means you truly love them and want to spend the rest of your life with them. Making love can be a small action, it can be giving your coat to your partner on a cold night, or giving them a sincere compliment when they’re feeling down. It can be hugging them from behind in the morning while they make coffee, or even something as innocuous as holding hands in a movie. In the 1950s, it might be common for a young teen to tell her friends about her date and say something along the lines of:

“We made love in the theatre last night!”

This would be understood to mean anything from hand holding to kissing to affectionate words.

The modern definition of making love (to have sexual intercourse) is a slang usage of the phrase that was likely popularized in the 1960s by the slogan “make love, not war”. However some vestiges of the original meaning still remain. People usually will not say they made love with somebody unless they felt a deeper connection with them, as there are a bevy of other terms which are used for casual encounters. In this way, making love still implies courtly romance, as was its original intent, and it is often reserved for serious relationships. Yet it can apply to all the scenarios outlined above as well. All are valid examples of making love.
Every time we make love, I know that I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have her.
by Alex-2598 November 23, 2020
Sexual intercoarse but it's more slow and passionate, wanting to actually spend time with your loved one.
I ain't givin' you a definition. If your horny, just search up horny or sex story on this web. Seriously, only one make love definition has a sex story.