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Bedunkadunk is a word to describe a really nice ass on a woman. It can also be used to describe a fat chick's ass, or an ass on a chubby chick.
"Damn man, that chick has a bedunkadunk!"

"Wow man, look at that bedunkadunk!"
by Travis July 5, 2004
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an urban slang term for a black females vagina.
"man shaunda has a beutifully purple poon"
"dude your mom has purple poon"
"i love the purple poon"
by Travis October 27, 2004
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They sound a tampon makes exiting a large womans cooter
use you imagination thats is all
by Travis June 5, 2005
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The waves today are staight up true gromage.
by Travis December 20, 2002
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a NEON. somethig that ricers buy to fill the gap between rice and domestic. What they dont understand is they are driving a neon! That is horrific.
ricer: dude that srt4 is mega sic yo!
normal person: that neon? It is missing a few cylinders don't ya think!
by Travis May 26, 2004
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An insult to a person. Comparing a person to any hole a cock might be inserted into.
That dude is a cockhole.
by Travis October 2, 2003
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"I hate the High School, too much work and it sucks."
by Travis December 9, 2002
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