705 definitions by USAF Cadet

my quarantine maturbation routine is : smoke dope, watch porn, jack off, cum, smile, repeat!
Yeah ... it's time for my quarantine masturbation routine!
by USAF Cadet October 02, 2020
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A mystery blowjob is getting your dick sucked when you put your cock through the hole in the partition wall at the gloryholes.
I got a mystery blowjob last night at the Cum Palace!
by USAF Cadet October 10, 2020
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nads is short for "gonads" -- a guy's balls.
Matt likes me to lick his nads when I play with his dick.
by USAF Cadet June 12, 2021
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naked in the woods is what some of us cadets like to be when we go camping.
Matt and I, like some of the others, like to go naked in the woods!
by USAF Cadet January 16, 2021
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A naked scuba suck-gasm is the orgasm a guy has when his diving buddy sucks his dick and gives him an under-water blowjob and cumgasm.
My cadet roomie, Matt, went scuba-diving, and I gave him an under-water naked scuba suck-gasm and swallowed it!
by USAF Cadet January 28, 2021
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naked water-skiing is taking getting naked, grabbing your board, and going water-skiing -- guys may or may not have a hard-on.
Matt came home with me for spring break, and I took him naked water-skiing - we both had big boners as we rode the waves!
by USAF Cadet September 12, 2021
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naturally smooth is having little body hair except for head, underarms and pubes.
I'm blond and naturally smooth, so the other cadets like to have cumgasms in my cute, pink boyhole!
by USAF Cadet January 30, 2021
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