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night-water cum is the splooge that several cadets leave in the glass of water you keep on your nightstand after they jack off into it.
When I wake up in the morning, I always have night-water cum in my glass and the taste of my roomies' jizz in my mouth!
by USAF Cadet August 22, 2021
night-water cum is the cum that one or more of a guy's roommies jacks off into.
Some of my roomies are leaving me night-water cum -- I wake up to get a drink and my cup is full of their cumshots!
by USAF Cadet August 4, 2021
night-water cum is the pearly-white cumshots of other guys who jack off in the water glass of nightstand water a guy drinks during the night when he's thirsty.
My roomies are frequently jacking off in my water glass and leaving me night-water cum to drink!
by USAF Cadet August 9, 2021
Because she has a patch of pure white fur on her chest, Snowflake is one of the nicknames I call my little sweetheart girl Deja Vu, a lab/pitt-bull mix who went to heaven 25 Nov 2020.
I've been desolated the last few days because my little girl, Deja , who I call Snowflake went to heaven!
by USAF Cadet December 2, 2020
A cum-pool is a puddle of a guy's cum that collects in the grooves of his six-pack when he whacks off and shoots his cum-cannon all over his abs.
I licked up the cum-pool on my cadet roomie, Matt, after he blew his load when I jacked him off!
by USAF Cadet January 31, 2021
gargle is what my five roomies want me to do when they blow their loads in my mouth and want to see how much cum I'm going to swallow.
My roomies gave me cadet bukkake, and they wanted me to gargle all the cum they shot into my mouth!
by USAF Cadet August 22, 2021