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a famous disco in dublin for teenagers situated in dublin 4 commonly associated with "d4's"
are you going to the wezz on saturday?
by ----ANONYMOUS----DUBLINER September 05, 2007
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teenage disco situated in dublin on the southsided4
guy: alroysh dude..
guy2: alroysh
guy: u going 2 wezz 2nite
guy2: em yeah!! u?
guy: yeahh and maybe we'll score

by $..t3v3n..........r..: ;; September 21, 2008
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when someone has an attack of the spazzes and takes it out on all his/her mates!
" chill, dont have a wezz"
Goth1: " my mums decrepid"
Goth2: " woah, dont have a wezz!"
by little.emo.kid May 05, 2006
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