unnecessary, especially through being more than enough.
"the purchaser should avoid asking for superfluous information"
by Lbcfirepie July 11, 2018
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Surplus to requirement; unnecessary; in excess of that which is strictly demanded by the situation, circumstances or context. Not needed. Verbose (where the superfluous use of excessive linguistic padding manifests itself).
The second identical definition of the same word was utterly superfluous: the third, even more so.
by The Horn October 11, 2006
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May you have superfluous dreams tonite;
I wish you superfluous weatlh, joy, peace, etc.
by yk3 June 3, 2004
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A word often used by a know-it-all wannabe in an attempt to sound smart.
Person 1: "You know, some people consider me a genius."
Person 2: "Yeah right! I've seen garden hoses with more braincells then you."
Person 1: "How very superfluous of you."
Person 2: "You have absolutely no idea what that means, do you?"
Person 1: "..."
by Shquiggles November 10, 2009
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the need to always be prepare.; Going beyond what is enough or necessary. To have the ability to love completely or not at all. Emotions are black and white. Shoots from the hip, has the need for personal space, to take time to educate each and every moment; to giggle at any given chance, and takes the time to smile and dance. the quality of being stong, thoughtful,considerate, determined
superfluous superfly, superfluouss sexy, superfluous superstar
by Terryl February 4, 2010
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Extra; Uneccassary
"That comment about your wang issues were completely Superfluous."
by Tricky November 7, 2003
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It’s means there is too much of something in an unnecessary way
Guy: These ribbons are superfluous

Girl: no they aren’t
by Blah blah 3215 November 10, 2019
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