When a person is getting old and there skin is all flaky and old
Did you just see that woman" yeahhh she was olddd" mate she was that old she was decrepid
by foggy123 October 30, 2010
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To crawl into bed and roll yourself up in your duvet like a miniature pancake.
I'm totally exhausted. I'm going to decrepidate and watch Friends.
by ts9195 December 20, 2010
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"She wanted to last night but 'the decrepid man' reared his ugly face again"
by Greg Satin January 16, 2003
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The act of fapping to often which ultimately leads your hand into a deformed monkey fist shape
yo.. i was home alone all weekend... ANNNNND, now im left with this decrepid monkey fist
by intheface December 8, 2009
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