To spaz.
Vesterholt spazzes about everything.
by adamisaspaz March 5, 2003
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The part of song where the Rapper continuously raps a fast pace spitting bars. This is usually the best part of the song , so good in fact that you have to hear it again!
Did you hear Uzi's second verse on Shells... he was Spazzing
by Samehada January 18, 2021
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The act of being a spaz.
To flip out, usually without reason.
His wife is spazzing on him for not taking out the trash.
by SSM July 18, 2006
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A person, either male or female, who can be very over-dramatic, moody, weird, quirky, flamboyant, annoying, suggestive, passionate, passive-aggressive, and/or socially retarded (awkward). Someone who says very disturbing, mind-boggling, and/or hilariously "random" things (often at the most inappropriate times). Someone who is very eccentric or alternative in their manner of being emotionally and/or physically expressive.
You know, if you hadn't jumped on top of that car and started yelling "Tickle me with your tongue again, daddy!", people might not have yelled "Spazz!" at you.
by Matt Spazz October 16, 2007
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spazz - (1). A reaction to something crazy or weird. (2). Another word for "freak out".
"OMG! I'm gonna SPAZZ!" - Lazz
by Maxrpg February 19, 2003
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1.) adj. word used to describe someone who you think is completely idiotic, and is acting immaturely or retarded.
2.) v. to flip out at something, yell and scream, usually completely random words.
1.)"What the hell Annie, your such a spazz"
2.)"Man, yesterday Kenny spazzed on the teacher for failing him"
by snuffles. March 2, 2006
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an extremely influential powerviolence band from california.
by BlazeOvTorment July 31, 2010
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