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skin under ur elbow
u ya u bitch let me see ur weinus
by miltonthemoose January 30, 2004
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Pronunciation: 'wE-nus
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin prickus maximus
1 a : a highly irritable soft white domestic male (Pussus Whoopus) closely related to the common spineless rat (Rodentus Stinkus).
Kevin Dagget Sales Consultant Master is a weinus.
by Bart June 14, 2006
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Ha ha, look at Jim's weinus. Oh no wait... you can't - where the microscope?
by Dan and Beckyo August 11, 2003
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An organ consisting of both a Weiner and an Anus, usually found on small transvestites or other creatures of the blended-gender society. Coming into contact with such a specimen usually confuses the observer, releasing foul blackish-brown gas from its pores, which in turn leads to pure disgust, blindness, seizures, and finally, spontaneously combusting.
"Hey Joe, what the fuck is that?"

"... I dunno man, looks kinda like a... is that poop... and a penis??"

"Oh man, is that one a those *gulp*... Weinuses?"

"Fuck if I know, let's get the Hell outta here."


"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! JOE! YOU WERE ALWAYS MY BEST FRIEND, EVEN AFTER KATEY AND YOU... I'm sorry that I reacted how I did..."

"No Harry, I owe the apology. I ruined your family's life, your dog's life, and even yours. See you on the other side good friend"

"It was a pleasure..."

by rodland November 10, 2011
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the area between the wiener and the anus
"If I was a girl, I would have a vagina instead of a weinus"
by Jared Johnson June 23, 2003
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A slang for Penis and not the skin on your elbow.
"Haha! You got hit in the weinus!" said Joe to Ted.
by Werewolf91 January 22, 2004
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