45 definitions by Bart

Jobless individual depending on their income from the state, i.e they 'draw' the dole.
A: I hear Mr Fothington-Smythe is without gainful employment these days, ey Wilson?

B: Yes M'Lord that uselss scrounging lazy feckless washed up cunt is a governemt artist.

A: Ah what witty reparte Wilson.
by Bart September 23, 2004
Sperm, ejaculate, warm cum that oozes from a juicy cock.
I like to swallow jisim when I go down on my lovers.
by Bart June 5, 2003
the apex of the female form, a girl so beautiful you'd give yer left nut to rummage through her furry field
D'you see that girl?
Yeah....top hole.
by Bart February 18, 2004
to get stole or or have something happen to you that you didn't expect
"Brotha man wuz just walkin along and this dude came outta nowhere and snuck him in his jaw and took all his loot
by Bart April 14, 2003
To have your asshole reamed full with a cock, fist, gerbil, dildo.
"My ass is sore after a good quality plugging, but after squeling like a pig, it sure feels like all that is holy."
by Bart June 5, 2003
To engage in the sort of sexual banter witnessed in such 70s and 80s cinematic juggernauts like "Pretty In Pink," "St. Elmo's Fire" or anything else starring Molly Ringwald and / or a song by the Psychedelic Furs.
"Dude, did dhe make out with Ducky? Nah, man... he got to first with Blaine though."
by Bart June 18, 2003
someone who is super hot.
like a radiator.
girl: yo. what up?

guy: did it hurt when you fell? you know, the fall from heaven? cuz girl, you must be an angel.

girl: nah, i'm just schwank that's all.
by Bart May 3, 2003