term used in derogatory fashion to describe anyone from the middle east
ahmed is a camel jockey
by themainevent November 18, 2003
a person who rides a camel, usually on sand, normally used as a racist insult
That camel jockey is getting away!
by disrespecting foo December 4, 2002
An Arab. An A-Rab. A person from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, or Lybia.
Walking up and down the streets of Damascus, I saw several thousand camel jockeys.
by Sneaky Snyde June 1, 2005
Usually a young child that rides a camel in the camel races. Also a derogatory term for Arabs.
Shoot that camel jockey before he gets away!
by Fred L. September 18, 2007
An offensive term used to describe Arabic people.
People who call people camel jockies are asshats.
by </time> September 14, 2003
Typically of the Muslim descent, but recently it has been found that all Middle-Eastern people are camel jockeys. They are known to wear turbans and shitty ass robes, also many have poor hi-gene due to the fact of limited resources and very little money. They also enjoy harassing other countries by committing glorious suicide for their bull shit religion.
by secguy June 25, 2010