Some one who sees the world on a multidimensional level,yet has the understanding that everything and everyone is interconnected like a single organism. Many martians smoke weed and/or use psychedelic drugs to further enhance their knowledge,creativity, and understanding of the universe.
by iamlife May 31, 2009
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1: Of or pertaining to the planet Mars or its hypothetical inhabitants
2: A being (presumably intelligent) originating from Mars. Rarely portrayed as peaceful, Martians always seem to desire the conquering or obliteration of Earth.
3: Of or pertaining to Mars, the Roman God of War, or to the planet bearing his name; martial
The antagonists in H.G. Well’s classic science-fiction novel The War of the Worlds
by DarthDeverell June 22, 2004
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A Martian is a person that came from the red planet called "Mars".
The first Martian is born!!!!!!!!
by Ella negra mujer. August 16, 2021
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1. a person from the planet Mars adjective used to describe something. Like "awesome" or "exotic" or "wicked" or "bitchin'".
1. Marvin the Martian is marching back to Mars.

2. I hear this city is really so Martian when it comes to the clubs!
by I Saw U2 Live Twice October 23, 2006
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A martini; coined by Stephen King in his novel "The Shining"; used by Jack Torrance
Another martian and he'll be slurring his words!
by The Nightmare Hour July 8, 2017
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A human so odd or disgusting looking that they might be an alien.
Whoa, dude, look at that martian. Do you think it's male or female?
by Tater Gumfries September 21, 2009
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An individual with an unusually large head and awkwardly shaped pear like body who is extremely sheltered by his/her family. This person normally makes ridiculous statements such as “Say guys, I can swim across the Atlantic Ocean” and may claim things like “The fire department revenues $90 billion a year”. When the Martian isn’t making these kinds of statements you may find them attempting to fit in by licking windows or going for midnight swims in January. They most often travel in packs to mimic normal human relationships but when they come in contact with humans their social disabilities quickly rise to the surface.
As a question:
Did that fucking Martian just lick that window?

As a comment:
That guy is mother fucking Martian!

In conversation:
Tim: Hey Dave, I was at your store the other day and I saw this guy taking all the milk out of the racks and placing them on the ground then measuring them.

Dave: Yeah, that guy comes in all the time and does that but he only ends up buying eggs.

Jeff: I have to clean up all that shit when he leaves, that fucking Martian never puts his shit away!!
by Ebroham January 23, 2007
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