When somebody starts balling their eyes out crying. Probably because your an insensitive jerk =)
oh boy... here come the waterworks
by Percy!!!! June 10, 2006
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a nickname for urinating on someone or being urinated on as a sexual act.
Dude I tell you, Cynthia and I hooked up last night and she's big into waterworks.
by GuitVP August 12, 2012
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To urinate on someone for money in a sexual manor.
(JIM)I love WaterWorks (BOB)SAME!
by YUMYBUMMY December 3, 2019
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English slang for crocodile tears. Crying on request. This can be turned on and off like a proverbial waterworks (faucet, tap, sprinklers).

This offense is normally committed by chicks. Also seen from football soccer players when they're trying to con a referee.
She turned on the waterworks. Her moms was totally convinced.

Eg:2 After being dumped she turned on the waterworks, she didn't love him, it was the lifestyle that she craved.

Eg:3 Cristiano Ronaldo won a penalty for Real Madrid, as the referee aproached he turned on the waterworks, and immediately writhed in pain, and rolled for 3 spins. Miraculously, when it came to taking the penalty, he was ok.
by fr3kysnail January 28, 2012
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When someone over exaggerates the feelings like the damn has been turns on and the village is gonna get destroyed. Emotionally.
Your mom was a whiny bitch who turns on the waterworks every time things got rough.
by Tarlenanmaga June 28, 2020
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1) to cry or to sob
2) another word for fireworks
Bob: Ooooh!!!! look at those waterworks!!
Adam: Shut up! You're hurting her feelings!
Bob: Oh yeah, whatever
Adam: * slaps Bob*

( They both ended up in the court)
by eman laer ruoy esu t'nod October 4, 2022
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