Where you jam that stick.
"Mark, can you jam your stick up my faucet?"
by William June 5, 2004
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Blockchain related website that distributes cryptocurrency
Whoah, dude, that faucet site is awesome, I just click on it and it mines in the background, I mine monero but this damn faucet spews IOTA
by __trumpet__ May 26, 2018
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Female breasts. Plural is "faucets".
"Hey, nice faucets!"
by Billy Bod June 22, 2005
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Fauceting is the act of a female getting into a bath naked, spreading her legs open, and letting the bath water forcefully pour onto her vagina. She'll usually rest her feet on the sides of the tub while the water strongly brushes against her clit. It's also optional to roleplay in your head as she goes along, making the orgasm much more rewarding, pleasing, and seductive. It's highly recommended that she uses warm water, for cold water is much less pleasing. She wants a strong faucet. Soft faucets that don't release water with much force are bound to not give the proper orgasm. The orgasm lasts about 5 seconds, and afterward, is less pleasing if you decide to continue. You'll uncontrollably and lightly shiver, and it won't feel as pleasing. This is by far the best variation of female masturbation. It does not widen the vagina and it is a wonderful experience. The only requirements are no clothes, a bath, and a sexy imagination. ;)
Jessica: "Hey, I'm so sorry about your breakup. Are you doing alright?"
Sarah: "Oh, I discovered fauceting, so I don't need boyfriends anymore."
by interesting words February 10, 2015
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When a person of feminine mystique gets naked, lays in the bath tub, presses her vagina up against the faucet of the tub, turns on, not only the water, but herself too, and has an orgasm.
"Kelly, How was the bath?"
"Good, I was fauceting for 35 minutes and have never felt anything like it before in my entire life. It was WONDERFUL."
by Rey Benschop February 6, 2008
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When you have diarrhea and it just comes out like a faucet
I hope my freinds didnt hear that, it was like a faucet.
by Tron50 July 13, 2009
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Faucet is considered an exclusive noun to describe a tap fitting to control the flow of water. To use the word faucet other than to describe a tap fitting takes on a different meaning. In Australia the slang meaning is considered an obscenity. The Australian pronunciation is force/it which means an act of violence against a human or animal specifically sexual violence or abuse against children or animals, and also means to commit criminal acts.
The word faucet is only used to describe a tap fitting.
by Exclusive Noun March 24, 2018
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