It's a beer with so low-alcohol gradation that is not possible be drunken with it.
Fuck! Now, we are in Sweden and normal supermarkets can sell only waterbeer!
by Döbelnsgatan December 23, 2010
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Using a showerhead or tub faucet to masturbate with water.
Sorry, I'm late. I was home trying waterbation.
by Sean_7 October 24, 2011
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To use jacuzzi or hot tub jets to stimulate yourself to climax.
"Are there any hotel rooms overlooking the jacuzzi?"
"I hope not. I'm hoping to waterbate tonight."
by AngelsBaseball311 January 26, 2015
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1. Someone who gets around and has a lot of excess body fat.

2. A very easy fat slut.
Joe: Everyone in the world has fucked Jamie. She's fat and her face is squished in, but it's just too damn easy, I just can't say no.

Matt: I know, she's a total waterbed, and I'm disgusted at myself for it.
by wild oranges August 21, 2009
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1. n. A bed made of water
2. v. The act of preforming sexual intercourse on a waterbed.
3. n. The best surface on which to preform sexual intercourse.
Chris and Emily waterbed every single night.
by chrisxhong December 11, 2007
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(n) When after sex the bed is drenched in sweat.
Dude why is your bed wet?
My girl and I turned it into a waterbed
by Datguy9 August 26, 2012
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