Fat slut is an oval head non-Asian Philippines whore

SOPHIA Bilabababao
DUDE: shes a non-Asian Philippines fat slut with an oval head
DUDE 2: Nah no shit
by xX_fat_XxX_slut_Xx November 7, 2017
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Obese woman/man Who likes to fuck A lot.
Last night i fucked this big fat slut with a whiskey bottle and it wasn't the skinny end.
by Rumblefish October 1, 2007
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A boyfriend-stealing, annoying, fat-ass whore who thinks she is better than everyone else.

Has a sketchy, skanky home life/background, thinks she can move to a new school and get any boy, though in reality, no one likes her and her troll like body or face.

serves as a great rebound for boys who just got over a long relationship.
her breasts will most likely smell like cat piss, her face is full of acne and grease, and her hair will most likely be knotty and smelly.
She will most likely try to look cute, but it will be obvious to those around her that this attempt is nothing more than a fail.
You might find her under bridges, chilling with her troll friends.
She often tries to compliment pretty girls who she wishes she was friends with. her hobbies are trying to make friends, getting it on with any penis that she can get ahold of, and being a homewrecker. :)
a "fat whore troll slut" is usually Emily Dillon
by sex-c bunny<3 June 14, 2011
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noun; A person who engages in the acts of sluttery, normally a fat female.
fat slut: Duhr you sound so stupid
person: That would be your stupidity you FAT SLUT.
fat slut: Thanks for the compliment!
person: You know it!
by charlie gonzalez May 3, 2017
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