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1. Someone who gets around and has a lot of excess body fat.

2. A very easy fat slut.
Joe: Everyone in the world has fucked Jamie. She's fat and her face is squished in, but it's just too damn easy, I just can't say no.

Matt: I know, she's a total waterbed, and I'm disgusted at myself for it.
by wild oranges August 20, 2009
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1. n. A bed made of water
2. v. The act of preforming sexual intercourse on a waterbed.
3. n. The best surface on which to preform sexual intercourse.
Chris and Emily waterbed every single night.
by chrisxhong December 10, 2007
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When your bed is drenched in cum; usually after the act of edging or orgasm denial.
Could also happen after many rounds of fucking.
Dude, that new technique you showed me had me in a complete waterbed last night. I think I need another mattress...
by NootNoot88 December 15, 2017
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