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person who invests in a risky venture, in the hope of making a large profit.
Stop being a speculator, i don't want to buy porn for 10$s.
by Jessica February 27, 2004
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To get drunk and high.
"I'm goin' to chrunk you up."
by Jessica April 21, 2003
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Jessica loves to play with her very tight hylogen.
by Jessica April 30, 2004
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An organ in your body

My future child's name whom will be totally cool...too cool for school.
Liver eat your liver for it is good for your liver!
by Jessica March 29, 2004
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The best movie ever to be created and probably the only movie with an all Asian cast that is not some sort of sterotype (martial arts, yazuka...). The rights to Better Luck Tomorrow were bought by MTV which tacked a confusing new ending on it. Its actors were awesome! Go Parry Shen!
Even though Better Luck Tomorrow is an independent film, since MTV bought the rights to it, you can find it at any Blockbuster.
by Jessica March 14, 2004
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super dilicious
this ice cream is dilliooshous
by Jessica October 30, 2003
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The generalized term for a relationship held almost solely via Myspace. Either one only speaks to this person online, one rarely sees this person or one doesn't even know who this person is.
"I had a myspaceship with her just long enough for her to post a 'You've been hit by the Sexy Truck!' chain-mail comment on my profile."
by Jessica October 7, 2006
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