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1. Various activities considered immoral by certain people. From the Latin word vitium, meaning failing or defect. Drug use, sexual promiscuity, prostitution, gambling, recklessness, cheating, lying, and selfishness are commonly considered vices.

2. Vice cops. Police responsible for investigations of the unlawful use, possession, and sale of drugs, as well as investigations of gambling, loan sharking, prostitution, obscenity, pornography, and other vice-related activities.
1. Shame he lost all his money. Gambling was always his favorite vice.

2. My uncle was arrested for soliciting an undercover female vice cop posing as a prostitute.
by James Crockett January 18, 2006
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1) Pleasurable evils.

2) Mainly prostitution

3) Sometimes used for police.
What is your vice?
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
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The little glitch that everyone from James Bond to your average Joe on the street has that stops him from reaching his true potential. They are always one of the following:
Women (my personal favourite)
Pete: Hi, my vice is womanising. I just can't stop, which means I am unable to lead a normal life.
Nick: I have alcohol problems. I can't stop drinking long enough to string three chords together.
Scott: I don't have a vice, other than womanising, gambling, drinking, smoking and kleptomania.
by Malaria August 15, 2005
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A global hipster brand that started as a magazine in Canada and is now headquartered in New York, as well as countries across the globe, including Japan, Germany, Australia, and Italy. It has reached a level of mass popularity as to be nearing its peak for trend-setting.
"Where's Kiki?"
"She's taking a shit, probably reading VICE."

"Did you see that girl at the Interpol show at the right of the stage? She was wearing ripped fishnets, stilettos and a trucker cap."
"Probably works for VICE."
by billwise05 July 30, 2005
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bourgeois hipster magazine and record company, no longer subculture due to infiltration by the masses. was once considered culturally forward, but is no longer.
That guy acts like Vice is the bible, but that's so 2001.
by wendy August 22, 2005
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Something that is considered evil, immoral or illegal.
Prostitution, street drugs, and the greed for money are considered vices.
by AYB March 31, 2003
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