A thin layer of wood not mustard used typically for decks or furniture.
Max placed his sandwich on a desktop lined with veneer, not mustard.
by Cock gobbler February 14, 2017
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The thin layer of potential for career advancement, increase in pay and future opportunities that an employer paints on your job to convince you that the future holds something more than you are currently experiencing.
I had my first year appraisal at the McDonalds today. They painted a bit of a career veneer over the last year.
by Crispin Cheesey September 20, 2010
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The idealized representation of one's life, as represented on Facebook, that one wishes others to believe is true. Often supported by exaggerated accounts of social exploits, and generally accompanied by deliberately posed photographs, one's Facebook Veneer often masks a depressingly banal existence.
I got a peek behind Clarinda's Facebook Veneer yesterday. I don't know who the guy or the kids in her pictures are, because there was no trace of them in her tiny apartment on skid row.
by Johnny Twothumbs September 27, 2010
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The false perception of being a whore (i.e. loose, easy, promiscuous), but is rather prudish. Could also be referred to as a tease.
You really didn't do anything with that guy. That's just whore veneer you're frontin'.
by Fredo|Fredi November 26, 2009
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Something that while not technically criminal, by all appearances should be - such as computerized trading.
The market was off 600 points today for no apparent reason, it was just AI criminal veneer.
by starvinmarvinpalmbeach December 06, 2018
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laminated veneer lumber is an engineered wood product similar to plywood except much more laminations making laminated veneer lumber stronger than conventional lumber used to make structural beams posts support timbers joist studs and other construction applications
my neighbor built his house using laminated veneer lumber those laminated veneer lumber boards are strong no twisting no warping what a great product
by littlejimmie April 01, 2019
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A serious skin-infection caused by excessive handling of decorative wood products.
I had to transfer from the finishing department to the structural-wood-fabricating room at the furniture-factory because I was coming down with veneereal disease.
by QuacksO June 17, 2018
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