To be severely intoxicated to the extent of pissing ones self.
My dumb-ass friend drank so much he ended up laminated.
by g-killa July 31, 2006
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(n) So drunk that one's eyes appear glassy
Me, Jack, and Frank were at this wicked rippah last weekend gettin' frickin' laminated, dude!
by Moss Herder June 05, 2014
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An extremely handsome man who is smart, strong, and creative.
wow that boy is so talented he is almost lamine.
by mohamed sadoun October 30, 2007
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Known as a male role model for the group, people follow his ways as he is cool.
by sanjay pandrabi April 29, 2005
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1. the level to which something is lame
2. lameness
The laminity of the circus acts were apparent especially when the acrobats continued to fall off of the trapeze.
by Margaret Dischler March 03, 2007
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When used in reference to a picture, typically of a person that one finds attractive, the act of ejaculating on the picture to create a film, or laminate, over the top surface of it.
Kelly just gave me a pic of her, I'm gonna go home an laminate this bia.
by teeoce September 26, 2008
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