when you scrape your skin on velcro creating large scratch patch.
i just got velcroed on his shoes!
by guccigirl August 4, 2005
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to get one's moustache inextricably entwined in one's partner's bearded oyster hair
mr & mrs pavarotti had become so firmly velcroed he could not sing at vinny's barmistva. instead they got coldplay
by theWestHamfan November 13, 2003
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When two men with long beards greet each other and rub each other's beards together resulting in the velcroing of the beards.
Laddy greeted John by velcroing their beards together.
by Slickfootanna September 14, 2014
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The situation a couple faces when their pubic hair gets wound together during intercourse, forcing them to be Siamese twins for at least a year.
Cameron: Why are those queers walking together attached at the crotch?

Brett: Looks like the hairy type. Must have had some velcro action after the first slam.
by brett71011 November 12, 2018
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Shoes with velcro fasten straps instead of shoe laces, ideal for getting naked at fast speeds in because you don't have to untie your shoes. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.
by Yung Corduroy September 19, 2010
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The bro-love inspired intimate act of two males scouring one anothers well developed beards together. To be used in place of: Handshaking, High fiving, or cuddling after sex.
"Nice job down there bro! Come give me some Velcro!!"
by 2 Dorks and a Dog May 7, 2011
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an act that is so easy it's like unhooking hook and loop fasteners aka velcro. can also be used to affirm an action that will be taken.
guy 1: hey can you you turn off the lights after you leave?

guy 2: of course, straight velcro baby
by jamesph April 6, 2010
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