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Shoes with velcro fasten straps instead of shoe laces, ideal for getting naked at fast speeds in because you don't have to untie your shoes. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.
by Yung Corduroy September 19, 2010
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The bro-love inspired intimate act of two males scouring one anothers well developed beards together. To be used in place of: Handshaking, High fiving, or cuddling after sex.
"Nice job down there bro! Come give me some Velcro!!"
by 2 Dorks and a Dog May 06, 2011
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an act that is so easy it's like unhooking hook and loop fasteners aka velcro. can also be used to affirm an action that will be taken.
guy 1: hey can you you turn off the lights after you leave?

guy 2: of course, straight velcro baby
by jamesph April 06, 2010
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(noun) The interlocking of arm hair that occurs when two males are walking, standing or sitting in uncomfortable proximity to one another while wearing short sleeves.
"Dude, you're giving me Velcro, back off a little!"

"I feel something tickling my arm.... oh shit, it's Velcro"
by Jeet Singh October 22, 2006
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Tiny interlocking loops of man-made material. Found on the shoes of kindergardeners.
Person: "I want interlocking loops of man-made material on my shoes so I can be cool. I think I will buy shoes with velcro straps."
by Evil October 18, 2003
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(verb) to velcro: to mingle pubic areas together during lesbian sex;

(noun) velcro: the pubic hair

(abstract noun): the act of rubbing one velcro against another


velcro style
velcro sex
velcro meshing
velcro frotting
velcro fun

The two women gave each other a good old velcro up against the wall in the gay club.

The noise of intertwining velcro disturbed the sleepers in the next bed.

Her velcro was as crinkly as a Persian lamb coat.
by Edna Sweetlove October 01, 2006
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When your beard sticks to a shaved minge during the act of foreplay.
Hey Steve , I went down on my girlfriend last night, and my beard stuck to her fanny like velcro.

Fanny minge sex
by Fanny Licker 69 June 03, 2016
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