Seen on some bumper stickers in west central Flevoland:
Dyslexics Untie!
by Chris0101 November 23, 2007
"Making a typo that reads 'UNTIED States of America' is very very very very very bad. Watch out!"
by Dave October 31, 2004
How nearly every person of colour, black specifically, pronounces the word “auntie”. Not completely sure if it’s intentional or just happens naturally.
Bruh I swear to god my unty said she smell like bologna
by Pooppussy December 17, 2017
Term used for idetifying a gay uncle. My brother was thinking of a word to describe me to my nephew. and he came upwith this word.
Hey sun your unty is coming over to see you.
by Mrsugarbaker April 24, 2010
To be rescued, freed, or saved from being tied up.
Mrs. Hernandez found John tied up; so she untied him and got him out of there.
by Strawberry Pterodactyls August 17, 2018
How stupid people say unce . unce is used in club music.
Person: Untis Untis Untis I love this song!
Person 2: It's unce idiot!
by AYearWithMangoes January 18, 2011
To get a divorce, thus reversing the bonds of marriage
Jason and Lucy were only married for four months before they decided to untie the knot.
by Dylan Sharp May 12, 2008