a phrase describing anything outrageously lucky, crazy, funny or beyond the norm
Sammy: damn man, did sasha vujacic just score 40 points?

Shawn: yup, he broke it

Sammy: damn man, did u see that rick james skit on chappelle's show last night?

Shawn: lmfao, yea he broke it

Sammy: yo man, u seen Bruno yet?

Shawn: yea man, that movie broke it for gayness
by trojanmanstunna October 26, 2009
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Having no money, or anything worth much- One stage worse than being broke.
"Yo, you gettin your ass out tonight"
"Nah man, can't raise no dolla, i'm broke broke"
"Aw shit, i'll hook ya up with a job- can clean ma room out every Friday"
"Fuck yeah, i'm there"
by TC LOC August 28, 2007
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A word my cousin tries to convince me exists, only to be proven wrong, and it all ending up with them throwing me out of their room.
by NotACecuun December 24, 2018
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The state of having no, or very little money.
I am broke, so I am not of the state of being able to play one or more of multiple pleasurable games at the local arcade.
by colin January 1, 2004
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Broke is what something becomes when it stops working. The same is true of people. If you are not working, you will soon be broke.
I can't buy a new house, because I'm no longer working and am as a result, broke.
by qrios August 10, 2009
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