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1. The rubbing of two or more vaginas together at any one time for sexual pleasure.
I want to vagina you on a desert road to nowhere, by a pool of water that never was.

My girlfriend and I were sprung by my nanna while vaginaing to the sensual tunes of Barry White
by Punk Rat January 16, 2006
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The act by which a girl senselessly divulges all of her most inner thoughts and pent-up emotions to a boy in a desperate attempt to sanction inner well-being and initiate a kind of false attraction between herself and the boy. This act, by nature, is most often preceded by self detriment and only instigated by girls who lack sufficient self-esteem to derive enough sense and self-motivating thoughts from their effeminately enculturated brains to avoid pestering the boy in the first place.
"Dude! Last night Tiffany kept vagina-ing all over me! I couldn't get her to shut up!"

Oh man, that sucks. I would hate to see your phone bill this month.
by Antivan May 11, 2011
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When a stripper is on stage and popping her vagina in a customers face.
Crystal took all of the customers money by vaginaing him on her knees.
by Illness idealize May 14, 2016
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