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Donald Trump is fricking Satan dude
by D Flawless June 08, 2020

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The reason all the hot girls suddenly stop answering your texts after Saturday night
After a long, hard Saturday night on Chad Thundercock's Penis, Stacy suddenly couldn't remember her name or what day of the week it was anymore and just sat in the corner drooling all curled up in a ball
by D Flawless November 03, 2019

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A sinister new euphemism for censorship
After luring millions of people onto Facebook with the false promise of free friends and free sex, Mark Zuckerberg suddenly started "fact checking" our free speech until only the views in line with his his rich cronies' plot for world domination were allowed.
by D Flawless May 11, 2020

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The state of a girl having not yet had sex with an Asian guy.
I took two hot chicks Asianginity over winter break. The first one I banged on her dad's living room couch right after we got back from our first date at Casa Fiesta and her parents went upstairs to go to bed. The second one invited me over to try these gross jelly beans and then we did it doggy style on the living room floor.

Me: "Is your dad gonna be okay with this?"

First girl: " He wants Asian grand kids."

Me: "Is this your first time with an Asian guy? "

Second girl: " Yeah. Is this your first time with a single mom?"
by D Flawless June 02, 2018

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When you go from no boner at all to a huge boner
Zero to Hero, just like that. When he smiled, the girls went wild with, ooohs and aaaahs.
by D Flawless November 13, 2019

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A form of government characterized by rule by tall, rich, white jocks with tattoo sleeves and backwards baseball caps. The Chads plunder all the money, bang all the hot chicks, and silence anyone who dares to speak out against them.
Down with the Chadocracy! Im so fucking sick of these damn Chad's stealing all my girls. Power to the nerds!
by D Flawless September 19, 2019

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When you take your penis and jack it off until white cream shoots out all over the place
My roommate couldn't fall asleep so he's in the bathroom dicksturbating again
by D Flawless April 03, 2019

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