161 definitions by D Flawless

When you take your penis and jack it off until white cream shoots out all over the place
My roommate couldn't fall asleep so he's in the bathroom dicksturbating again
by D Flawless April 4, 2019
When I quietly fuck a chick up the pussy with other people in the house!
I silently sneakyfucked Emily on her dad's living room couch with her parents right upstairs! Then I put my clothes on and went over to Morgan's place and she put her kids to bed upstairs and came back down in her Victoria's secret gear and I fucked her up the pussy and blew a huge load on the living room couch!
by D Flawless May 6, 2018
The largest bank in the U.S. run by the mafia and some greedy Harvard jew to help the rich fuck over the poor
I opened a new savings account with GayP Morgan Chase!

Congrats, you're now a thousand dollars poorer.
by D Flawless September 21, 2020
A sex party with several hot olive garden hostesses
I'm about to head over to the olive garden orgy after work
by D Flawless July 20, 2022
A guy who's a master at giving himself a hardon, any time, any place
I'm going to the club to practice my pickup artist skills.

Well I'm staying home to wank and practice my dick-up artist skills
by D Flawless July 19, 2021