Noise made by theBEAR in theSTORY. More animalistic version of the word "unf."
"So he was going at it like a bear and started screaming, 'URR! URR!"
by divURR May 13, 2004
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Mutated version of err, a slang term coined by rappers as a mispronounced version of "air" or "every". See also err, thurr, and hurr.
Throw your hands in the urr!
Urrbody in the club getting tips!
by Anaksunaman June 20, 2004
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Someone so incredibly stupid that human speech begins to break down when describing them.
John was such a big durr urr urr, he thought that adult cows drink milk.
by ReverseFlow April 7, 2022
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A noise made for attracting llamas. A greeting. A random noise.
Evan shouted, "Nee-Urr, Nee-Urr" and the llama looked at him with hungry eyes.
by llamaloversEATME March 12, 2011
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Surprise at an idiotic or trivial statement.
You knot what you just said was completely stupid. Hell urr....
by Shmieg mCg July 27, 2009
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The scent of putrid breath, usually caused by halitosis. Often used in a waggish manner to describe the physical appearance of an unkempt or perceivingly disgusting person.
Damn, did you see that girl on Monroe street? Stank burr urr!
by alleycatsss January 11, 2019
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This is how one might say the word "burger" if they were perhaps from certain areas of Eastern Europe and were to work as a waitress in an American-themed restaurant.

To the untrained ear it sounds like four seperate words are being said - or in extreme circumstances even two seperate sentences.
Joel: I am gonna have a burger and lashings of Ginger Beer; so Sherri, what are YOU going to have off the menu?

Sherri: A burger I reckon...and bubbles...

Sarah: Yep - me too...burger n bubbles sounds good.

Steven: Guys, I don't mean to be a copycat but I think I will opt for the burger too...

Waitress: So that is fo-ur Beu-urr-gh--hur-ger yes?

- What just happened?
- She ok?
- Maybe we should we get a medic or something??

Waitress: (Interrupting) SO THAT is fo-ur Beu-urr-gh--hur-ger yes?

Yes THATS right... four of T-H-O-S-E please...
by Mary Lou Rivers September 24, 2007
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