Longing for; eyes of a preditor; lonely
She stared at me with hungry eyes.
by biotch83 May 7, 2008
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to want food, but not actually be hungry
Person One: mm. im craving some ice-cream
**eats ice-cream**
Person One: damn; i guess i just had hungry eyes. . .
by youudon'tknowme(: April 26, 2010
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A glare that a man or woman gives to someone of the opposite sex, characterized by extreme sexual lust and desire.
That creepy man over there looks like he has the hungry eye for that hot lady at the bar.
by K. Greazy July 20, 2010
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1. Slang term for a women's genetalia; often considered crude or sometimes derogatory.

2. The look a woman gives another when she has an overwhelming craving for sexual activity. Usually reserved for those who have a history of being intimate with one another.

3. (Hungry 'i') A famous San Francisco nightclub which saw the likes of Barbra Streisand, Lenny Bruce, Dick Cavett, and others perform during the 1950s and 60s. The Kingston Trio recorded their acclaimed live record here.

NOTE: The Hungry Eye can be used as a colloquial euphemism in reference to a place; that is, if one says to another: "Dude, we're going to the Hungry Eye tonight," what he/she means is they are determined to engage in sexual activity.
1. Dude, I hit her hungry eye like crazy last night and again this morning.

2. Dude, she's totally giving me the hungry eye.

3. Dude, let's go to the Hungry Eye tonight.
by dalbort June 3, 2007
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Determination and struggle. Can also mean passionate for something.
Mike has hungry eyes for that job.
by twittermanx July 3, 2009
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The red, glazed looking eyes that are a direct result of smoking weed. If one looks at these eyes, he is able to understand that that person is amazingly hungry because he is high and has the munchies.
Damn! Kevin's got some serious hungry eyes, he's gotta lay off the kush!
by D.M.G. February 9, 2012
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When you go out to eat then look at the menu and come to a realization that you are hungry but order more food than you can actually eat.

As if your eyes were your mouth and they see all the food options and you want all the food but know you can't eat all the food.
"You shouldn't get that extra entree, you're just eye hungry"
"I think I'm eye hungry so I'm not going to get those nuggets"
by roobieboobie September 14, 2017
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