She's a great friend, who genuinely cares about everyone. Everyone loves her, but sometimes she feels lonely and doesn't really relate to anyone that easily.Her smile can light up an entire room, your really lucky if you know a Sherri.
She's so sweet and has cute little dimples when she smiles and her doe eyes are so easy to get lost in. They make me so happy. She says she loves everybody cause she hates to see them sad. I want Sherri to be happy. If you find a Sherri cherish her, she's wonderful :).
Sherri:"I love you!"
girl:"I love you too, you're amazing Sherri!"
by thatspookyspider November 3, 2019
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Sweet, kind and intelligent. She always encourages others. Loves her community and culture. Optimistic and a very hard worker, critical thinker, and always tries to find a solution. She is resourceful. She can be funny at times. A real go getter. Dislikes liars, and small talk, but gives great advice. Loner, but also loyal to her small group of friends. Loves the great outdoors especially the beach. Loves animals. Loves her family. Can be viewed as opinionated and brutally honest. Sexy without trying! One of a kind!
I am so excited to finally meet Sherri!

I can be myself around Sherri, I don’t need to pretend and I appreciate that!

I want Sherri to be my wife, but I don’t think she is willing to marry again!
by Iamreadyforyou June 16, 2022
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S - Silent/Stunning beauty, H - Happy, E - Elegant/Empathy, R - Radiant, R - Rare, I - Intelligent/Independent. Everyone adores and admires her right from first sight. She is a person who restores faith on humanity and she will make everyday count. She is extremely friendly and keeps people she loves and cares about in one shape. She hates to see her friends sad or fight. Sherri finds eternal peace exploring the mountains and dancing in the snow. You have to accept the fact that she loves snow more than she likes you. Infact, Sherri is as soft as snow and radiates bright happiness like snow radiates light. Only some tolerate snow and enjoy its beauty, likewise, only a few can handle Sherri's charismatic personality. Beware! If you mishandle her, she will come down like a devastating avalanche on you.

In addition to all the above, she is a strong, free, independent girl who knows what she wants. If you ever come across a 'Sherri' never leave her because she is a rare diamond and she could be the only one.
Student1: Did you meet new friends yesterday?
Student2: Yeah, I met a girl named 'Sherri'.
Student1: OMG!!! Opportunity knocks only once so cherish and experience 'Sherri'.
by Snowplough November 23, 2021
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This gal works her butt off. She is sweet and always concerned.
by Memymo1234 December 29, 2018
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A smart girl who is very caring. She can be hard to understand, but she is a great friend. When she doesn't smile she isn't sad and might not necessarily be bored. She hates puns but has a great sense of humour as well. She is great with technology and is a genius in some categories
by Meme me four she life April 9, 2019
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very smart, sexy, and powerful. Has a heart of gold.
The top of the class. Sherri would save the world if she could.
by Channel5 February 3, 2010
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Sherri's are always so difficult to figure out, but once you get the time to know them you will have the time of your life. They are always the hottest, cutest, and most friendly girl wherever they may be. Sherri's make friends very quickly and you will always hear people saying "I love you" to her. Most guys want her..but can never get her. It's just the game she plays and takes a real guy to win. Sherri's aren't prudes but don't take well to relationships, usually because it's so hard for people to figure them out. Sherri's are amazing kissers, they are also amazing at other things too..that's the benefit of dating a Sherri.
guy1 - That sherri girl is so hot, i wonder if she ever notices me

guy2 - haha man you wish, she's talking to eight guys i heard

guy3 - shit man that sucks, i also wanted her. she's a real cutie
by JETSfan69 January 28, 2011
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