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This is how one might say the word "burger" if they were perhaps from certain areas of Eastern Europe and were to work as a waitress in an American-themed restaurant.

To the untrained ear it sounds like four seperate words are being said - or in extreme circumstances even two seperate sentences.
Joel: I am gonna have a burger and lashings of Ginger Beer; so Sherri, what are YOU going to have off the menu?

Sherri: A burger I reckon...and bubbles...

Sarah: Yep - me too...burger n bubbles sounds good.

Steven: Guys, I don't mean to be a copycat but I think I will opt for the burger too...

Waitress: So that is fo-ur Beu-urr-gh--hur-ger yes?

- What just happened?
- She ok?
- Maybe we should we get a medic or something??

Waitress: (Interrupting) SO THAT is fo-ur Beu-urr-gh--hur-ger yes?

Yes THATS right... four of T-H-O-S-E please...
by Mary Lou Rivers September 24, 2007
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