Another word for there.
I like the way she moves her ass right thurr
by Dillio June 21, 2003
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Another way of saying "there" made popular by the ever ignornant rapper, Chingy.
by Daniel M. Sherman November 4, 2005
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This word was derived from both middle english and contemporary jive talk. The -thu comes from the old "thou" which is, of course, "you". The -rr is added in modern english to complete the word. Altogether the word "thurr" means "I like your place right there", referring to a specific body part, usually the abdominal area of a female.
"I like yo ass right thurr, bitch!"
"Nice panties up thurr, ho"
by L-Shiznit February 24, 2005
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A slang term derived from Southern ebonics to express interest or to point out the direction or place where an action is occurring or where there may be someone or something of interest.
"Damn, homey! Lookat that girl right thurr!"
by IJM October 16, 2003
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