Universal Noise of Fucking. See above definition for onomatopoeic use as a sound itself.
by Video Warrior Laserion December 14, 2002
Universal noise of fucking. Also used to describe someone attractive.
Damn, Alex Gaskarth is so unf.
by wtfamisupposedtoputhere? October 23, 2011
The profound noise and/or actions of having wild sex.
by Caitlin April 6, 2003
the united negro fund

a fund for negroes that unite
i gave to the unf the other day, 20 dolla
i was watchin' white chicks and they referenced the unf
by gretchen69me December 30, 2011
unidentified nocturnal fornication
unf was heard from the dark trees behind my house...unf unf...i was scared
by fireball4u January 5, 2005