using ordinary objects to make something extraordinary
That edgy swedish artist upcycled 500 plastic water bottles into a chandelier.
by clevergypsy February 22, 2007
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The process of converting an industrial nutrient (material) into something of similar or greater value in its second life.
Sarah's new company is making some awesome grocery bags from upcycled fabric.
by AndrewMcL October 23, 2009
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the practice of taking garbage and turning it into frankenstein objects that hippies buy.
did you see that purse made from upcycled anal thermometers? it's so cuuuuuuute!
by fennyfrenzy April 10, 2009
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To appropriate items from friends or acquaintances because you believe you have a better use for them
"Dude, did you just upcycle my beer?"
"Well, you weren't drinking it!"
by bluerainuk April 4, 2015
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The practice of converting waste materials into products of greater value.
By upcycling, the contractor took a junked Boeing 747 and created a home for a client.
by PittCaleb November 8, 2007
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Making crap out of garbage. Just like Martha Stewart used to, but "original" and more pretentious.
Examples of upcycling:

Earring made of Christmas lights.
Painting empty liquor bottles and calling them vases.
Purses made out of soda can pop tabs.
Putting your baby pictures in beer caps.
by IDKWhatIIsDoin February 27, 2014
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"Upcycling": The process of converting waste materials or useless products into new, even more useless products with absolutely no environmental value whatsoever.
Additional info: Anyone that purchases upcycled products or engages in upcycling invariably smells of sanctimony and douchewater. FACT.
by Spicahontas April 25, 2011
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