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drinking game where one cup FULL of beer is placed in the middle of (usually) 6 other cups filled about 1/3 with beer. One player is behind each of these 6 cups, and the aim of the game is to bounce a ping pong (beer pong) ball either: 1. into the middle cup, causing all players to drink their individual cup as quickly as possible, with the last person finished their cup forced to drink the full, middle cup; or 2. into one of the 5 other players' cups, who then has to drink their own cup and gets to have the next bounce.
These guys suck balls at beer pong and I just wanna get fucked up fast, so let's play some chandelier...always does the trick.
by mdub1087 August 09, 2006
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An actual chandelier does nothing else except look good and has little to no purpose. A chandelier is someone (usually a guy but can pertain to a girl) who is really good looking and has nothing else going for them (ie zero personality, a douchebag/tool, dumbass etc.)
Oh so you have a thing for a chandelier?
by RazSmirIce December 28, 2010
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(Noun) An orgy including a total of 13 people: 1 woman and 12 men. The incredible positions required to make such an ordeal possible makes the end result look like a very fancy chandelier.
Dude, I would totally chandelier that chick with 12 of my closest friends.
by Chris Billy May 24, 2008
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A term used when describing something stupid and pointless to someone, when they think its cool.

"bro, what is that chandelier looking thing your holding?"


"just my glow-in-the-dark wine glass"

Steve: (smh)
by Darthdark September 29, 2011
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Light fixture, normally hangs over a stairwell, or a table in the dining room.
10 years me and a friend got really drunk at a Christmas party and started swinging from the chandeliers. Boss had a major league temper-tantrum.
by Saints September 23, 2003
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