The second largest plane in the USA it can fit up to 550 passengers and has a speed of over 600 to make it the world's most fastest subsonic jet
when we go to Paris we will be boarding a Boeing 747
by Dazmon Taylor May 11, 2006
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a Person who carries a lot of emotional cargo or baggage.
"Bro, i don't think you should date that girl i hear she's a Boeing 747"
by Alaradia May 9, 2017
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A large 4-engined widebody jetliner, with an autopilot that actually ends up in conversations with BOTH pilots.
As Jim and Andrew continued their conversation, the Boeing 747-400 autopilot chimed in, "Well, I can actually land myself at Detroit Metro Airport, if you don't mind." Jim anwered, "Go Ahead"
by Trell Brown May 9, 2006
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1. the origin of the word "jumbo jet" (usually used by non-avgeeks and news anchors LOL)

2. a plane that was made by boeing that changed the aviation industry and so it could be modified easily to make it into a freighter
1. Person A: omG!1! loOK aT thAt jUmBo jEt111!!!
Person B: wtf

2. Person A: look its a boeing 747-400!
Person B: nice
by zainless2 October 18, 2020
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Did you see the new Airbus 747, its a smaller version of the A380!

The boeing 747 is the largest boeing aircraft ever made
by BARRAAAAck OOMABBAAAA November 1, 2018
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To be particulary stoned.
'You lean last night chief?'
'Yeah man, Boeing like a 747'
by Col. T August 12, 2006
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