To hack off choice bits of one or more existing items and then attach them to a new project, thereby bending them to suit your own requirements (diabolic or not). No gothic castles, fortuitously-timed electrical storms or god complexes required for this kind of assembly. Term introduced on the Handyman for the Common Man web TV show.
"To build your own awesome and inexpensive jib boom, you’ll need to frankenstein parts from an existing tripod and an L-bracket. With mad skills, all things are possible."
by The Handy Writer May 9, 2009
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Taking bits and pieces of old projects, putting them together and making a new project.
I have a term paper due in the morning but I didn't write a whole new paper. I just frankensteined a couple of old projects together.
by KJLII July 22, 2008
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The manner of walking, adopted by a person who has just shit in their pants.
Oh no. I've just shit my pants. I'm gonna' have to Frankenstein it home now.
by DcTurner October 26, 2003
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The name of eddie van halens first guitar he made it first had black and white stripes but then he painted red white and black stripes the body is by charvel and over the years he did different color schemes on it different bodies and more he now uses a signature peavey wolfgang he named after his son but the frankenstein still remains one of his most legendary guitars
i bought that signature frankenstein replica for 25,000!!!
by Anthony pangilinan February 17, 2008
Get the frankenstein mug. instrumental by the Edgar Winter Group that is regarded as one of the best instrumental rock songs ever
2.John Kerry, so called because he looks and talks like frankenstein
by Illinois Joe October 8, 2004
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a blunt laced with crack and PCP
I smoked a frankenstein and started doin the moonwalk
by methjwalker June 6, 2005
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When your mega-high and it feels like two bolts are pressing down on both your temples.
*Guy 1 Takes huge bong rip*
Guy 1: Holy shit dude. I'm fucking ripped.
Guy 2: I know, that bong rip gave me frankensteins.
by TheCrazyScientist December 29, 2011
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