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An area of a particular city or town where there is an abundant amount of sluts / whores / prostitutes, or women who look like them.
Me and da boys are goin' off to slutsville so we can find ourselves a fine piece of ass
by supamonkey November 30, 2004
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completely screwed over ie. something really shitty that happened and you can't do anything about it
Me and mah boys got completely raped up the ass when we lost at the race track, yo.
by supamonkey December 14, 2004
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A shitty no-good canadian-based coffee shop chain, similar in style to Tim Hortons but lacking any soul. Serves repulsive coffee and donuts as well as other disgusting food. Open 24 hours to serve drunks, stoners and other drug addicts alike.
Dude, like, we should go to Coffee Time cuz I got the munchies baaaad.
by supamonkey January 1, 2005
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A type of sweat that originates from the crack in your ass; often happens in the summer or intensely hot weather, especially while exercising.
Man, I got like, at least a half ounce of crack sweat to mop up before I go take a jog.
by supamonkey March 31, 2005
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