The best way to remove a corrupt, incompetent governor such as Gray Davis.
Gray Davis' "accomplishments":

1. Oracle debacle
2. Energy crisis
3. License for illegals
4. Increase car tax
5. Lied about the extent of the deficit

There is no way in hell we can be worse off with somebody else in office.
by Gray Davis sucks September 23, 2003
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Big Media's new favorite clickbait headliner word for already fixed and/or easily fixable software-only issues that require no action or knowledge on the owner's part to be "fixed." Only applies to Teslas because legacy auto has already bought and paid for the media. Also doesn't apply to every computer or smart phone ever made even though it's the exact same update process.

As long as you're Big Media, you're talking about Tesla, it's an easily fixable issue, and, especially if it's already fixed in a previous software update, then it's a recall. Else it's not news worthy (i.e. not a recall).

Translation: "This over-the-air software update was already sent out to the entire fleet but we just learned about it and need to get money get paid. So this is NEWS and it's a RECALL, ok?"
by tslaqq69 February 3, 2022
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A recall is when a company needs something they sold back if there was a major issue with it that caused safety issues and fires that were caused by a problem in the thing
We have to recall 44,000 lamps due to a issue that caused a fire.
by TheCar2000 November 12, 2018
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When an original owner of an MMORPG account has sold his/her account to a buyer. After a certain time has passed where usually a PayPal transaction cannot be reserved the original owner decides to call the company to gain access back to his account, because it was 'hacked' while the original owner has the original information needed the buyer does not.

Also note in most cases the name where the account is registered on will always remain the same even when the buyer buys it from the original owner.
Matt: It's been 5 months now since I sold my World of Warcraft account...
Andrew: You should play this game again.
Matt: Yeah. I am going to. I recalled my account yesterday I was on the phone with Blizzard and they are giving me back access to my account soon when I supply them with my personal information they need.
Andrew: rofl I'm sure the buyer will be happy.
by Rasengan32 December 23, 2009
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1)to understand the greater meaning in something through experience and deep thought.
2)an awakening to the truths of the world.

derived from recognize and realize; usually brought on by deep meditation or drug use; similar to an epiphany
You bes' recalize!

I recalized I have been a G33K my whole life while I was tripping yesterday.
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An action film directed by Paul Furhaven, in which a large, imposing nutsack (Arnold Scrotumsagger) takes a 'vacation' from itself via an implanted memory. Trouble ensues when the big, hairy plum-pod can no longer distinguish between reality and illusion.
"Furhaven's violent, unwavering vision breathes much-needed fresh air into the stale Testicular Dystopia genre. Scrotal Recall is a triumph." -- Ballbag Film Comment, January 2008.
by Mr Marky January 2, 2008
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When you learn something while drunk and can't remember what you learned until you get drunk again.
sober guy: Damn I can't remember the way we were drunk last time

Drunk guy: Don't worry I remember how to get there, with Drunken recall
by 0ushiza February 7, 2010
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