It's where you would go to shower or shit back in the day!!
It's too cold outside to go up back and shower!
by Lomay29 February 21, 2017
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She said to me, "You can go up the front or up the back."

And I thought to myself, sweet, this chick wants me to bang her in the ass.
by Nick April 23, 2005
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This is basically someone that you know will say go with you to prom if you ask them. This has to be a person that you can relatively stand for a full night, or else can stand to stand next while taking pictures and then ditch him/her for the rest of the night and hang out with that person that you actually wanted to come with. This has to be a person that you know no one else will want to ask, so they are definately available.
Steve is my back-up, back-up prom date, so I know that I am guaranteed to be going with someone.
by carolinimartini February 19, 2006
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There are 2 common meanings:

1/Used in military or police force: Reinforcements, support, help.

2/Computer using: create your secured data in case the computer goes down suddenly, mainly to prevent data loss.
1/Police officer shouts via radio: "Shot fired, shot fired. Officer down. Unit 26 to base, we got a situation here. We need back up immediately!" - "Roger, just hold on. Back up are on the way."

2/Before installing Smart Windows Care, we strongly recommend you to back up you data first to prevent yourself from losing important data.
by Mr. Bum Bum November 13, 2010
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A dancefloor technique to attract the attention of a partner. Essentially this involes backing your bootie towards your partner and getting close, often thrusting. This technique will initiate a grind type of dancing.
She's backing-up to you dog! Get in

Let's get on the dancefloor dog. We can back-up on those hotties over there
by Dykester January 15, 2007
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When you drive your car in reverse, you back up.
That moron scratched his car when he backed it up.
You should use both side and rear mirrors when you back up your car.
by BMatty November 26, 2010
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An unusually large amount of semen stored in a man's body due to lack of ejaculation
I haven't jacked off in weeks. I'm backed up.
by Mudesi December 23, 2004
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