When a stoned rig pig condenses "back in the day" to be hip.
Rig pig - " In the day after a long night out I would forget to put milk in my wheeties for breakfast"

Joe - " In the day?"

Rig Pig - " Ya man, it's the new cool way of saying back in the day without actually saying it"

Joe - "..."
by fu*k_bit*hes_get_money69 February 06, 2015
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The greatest mantra, to help provide progressive assurance that all is well and hard work eventually pays off in the future.
Jeff: how will we get there?

John: day by day.
by Bmxbiker123 April 17, 2016
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(pronounced day tuh day) adj. regular, not special (used in a derogatory way)
That girl thinks she's all that, but she's just the day-to-day.
by badass yellabone July 29, 2008
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A gentelmenly, over enthusiastic vocalized expression of supreme delight, exhilaration and triumph when greeting and welcoming a close friend or loved one. Adapted from post cold war pop culture references to blissful, timeless rhythmic engagement in Easter European Dance Halls, the term "Days" personifies the intensity and joy of the moment in the presence of partners (i.e.friends or loved ones). Sometimes spoken with an indistinguishable European accent. In cases of suprise greetings, 'Days' is used in conjunction with the word 'Hey', as in "Hey Days!"
{Friend enters room} "Days!"
{Friend enters room, surprising and overwhelming you with joy} "Hey Days!!!"
by Charitable Disguise October 13, 2019
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Weather conducive for the activity currently being undertaken, common phrase in Australia
*Bunch of mates sitting in the sun on a 28 degree sunny day sinking beers*
Person 1: "Day for it"
Person 2: "You're not wrong mate"
by hmmmyep September 05, 2020
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means "never ending supply"
or so many that it last for many days..
i got beats for days
by randy [blur] robbins March 06, 2005
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DAY DAY is a person in jail and he needs to be free
Free my boy DAY DAY
by Relaxeres May 08, 2020
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