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Approved of. If you are backed, someone has your back.
X, "You guys like Hoods and The Warriors?"
Y, "I back them, bro."
Z, "Yeah, totally backed."
by xDakex February 12, 2006
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Briefly, "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which has a lot more beautiful neologism definitions like this you might enjoy.
I felt deep sonder thinking about the all the people who looked up this word along with me.
by rednos January 10, 2013
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the state of being in which a man and a woman are in a position in both are facing forward; where one is pressing their ass against the other, in a grinding motion, until eventually one of the individuals is "backed" into a wall, and pinned; wherefore, the grinding usually continues even more vigorously.
Guy 1: Did you see Isaac at that last party?
Guy 2: You mean did I see Isaac get backed at that party!
by GuyGotBacked April 17, 2011
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when you and a girl are Grinding ass to ass in the middle of a room andshe so overpowers you so much that you’re face gets pressed into the wall and she grinds even more vigorously
Him: Did you Get backed?
Me: yeah, she backed me
by Backedbyass July 18, 2020
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The term used to describe the wanting of sex with an individual
"That girl is well fit, she'd definitely get backed!"
by ThaBiZzLExUKx March 10, 2009
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