A woman with an ass that is healthy
and fleshy from a bit of jiggle to
firm but always tasty.
Miss Gotta Body got bootie
by bog January 12, 2003
A big, juicy arse, usually considered attractive
Shake that bootie, mamma!
by LucyL August 6, 2006
The pirates filled their ship with bootie after a successful attack on a merchant ship.
by jason September 7, 2003
a soft smooth place to stick you'r woody when the poontang gives out
by Anonymous March 8, 2003
1. Slang for boots, commonly worn by cats and small dogs, usually made by hand.
"Mr. Thomas walked around casually in his warm booties"
by Paul August 5, 2003
A bootleg version of songs, often from two separate artists the transcends genre and is culminated into one, new, song.
That Foreigner and The Game mash-up is a bad ass bootie
by EricNS November 1, 2006
An expressive word of dislike or disgust.
It was bootie up in the club last night. No fine niggas were in there.
by Ozzie's Girl October 28, 2003