Is an utmost blatant curse word (derived from Paris Hilton according to Kuya Jobert) that demoralizes someone like a douchebag at your workplace who opposes your suggestions or ideas.

Having a strong Filipino accent will surely vanish your opponent in just a blink of an eye, Use it wisely.
person 1: I don't like the suggestion of going to Paris the next day after work...
you: Oh is that so? PAKYU GO TO YOU! Continental Pakyu! Pukeney-nginey-mo! MHM Vagina Flaws!
by Hardcore Jobert Fan August 07, 2021
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To (in frustration) rip off someone's head, and then continue to play soccer with it.
Rob if you do not shut up I will go Myan on you!
by Rhino0 December 04, 2009
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The phenomenon in which a normal conversation turns blue, becoming so riddled with sexual innuendo that it's rendered nearly impossible to steer back in a non-pervy direction. Every innocent comment starts to become a dirty double entendre, until eventually the entire conversation turns into a complete smut-fest from which there is no return.
Girl: Ah, who doesn't love stripper zombies in Portland? That'd go down like Jesus on a velociraptor.

Guy: I have to admit, when I first read 'go down'... I had rather blasphemous thoughts.

~ten minutes later, during which this term is invented~

Girl: Hmm, this Urban Dictionary thing is quite fun. Something for the annals of history.

Guy: Two n's - one 'n' is bad.

Girl: Yeah, I always thought that 'annals' was an odd word.
It really could so very easily be another.

Guy: Terribly easily. So, how is the entry? ...Oh, Jesus!!!!

Girl: Once you go blue, you can't undo.
by The Terror Twins August 03, 2010
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Betraying a person/group and going rogue on them.
Simply said a backstabbing bastard
your mom went sasuke on you by telling your girlfriend that you have weird fetishes.simply said she decided to go-sasuke-on-you.
by mr.know-it-not June 14, 2011
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