A person who uses unicode letter replacements in order to be cool in the online word. These people also usually think they can hack, but have never written a line of code in their life.
    ₤ãώđ  Øf  βГăıń  ∑ă╥ıй  ζǿmβìέš   is a perfect example of a unitard 
by bentangle January 26, 2009
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Someone who stays at a university too long, e.g. an eternal grad student.
Nine years to finish the Ph.D? You're a unitard!
by oboeguy April 20, 2006
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is the ulitmate insult. Can be an adjective or a noun to decribe the person or to say who they are.
Paige: haha wow that girl caroline is such a unitard
Andrea: really she is?
Emily: yeah you have no idea
Paige: once you get to know her you'll understand
Andrea: oh okay
by UnicornChaser April 21, 2010
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My husband and I were having dinner and I was going to look up something on my laptop that we were discussing and he said, "Don't, let's just talk." I replied, "I can do both, I'm not a unitard." Then my husband said, "I think you just made up a new word. Add it to Urban Dictionary."
by Jackson P Frazbowski April 05, 2008
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People who walk around in normal society dressed in the full uniform of their favorite sports team.
The Unitard is a sports fashion aficionado who takes his love of sportswear to an extreme level.
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A unicorn that can't get a fucking hint
The one record of a unitard in video:
those dicks that don't leave Charlie the unicorn alone
by Alan Jimenez January 20, 2009
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